Looking to cater your next event? We've got you covered!


Start with a base and choose between:

Breakfast Sandwiches
Sausage, bacon, or vegetarian sausage, egg, and cheese between a buttermilk biscuit 

Chicken biscuits

Breaded chicken tender between a buttermilk biscuit

Biscuits and gravy
Two house-made biscuits with Southall ham gravy 

breakfast tacos 
Three authentic raw masa tortillas filled with chorizo verde, eggs, potatoes, crema, queso fresco, and cilantro

Then choose your sides:

grit girl grits 

southall signature potato hash


Start with a base and choose between:

Chicken sandwich
Battered chicken breast, pickles, arugula, and chipotle sauce on a brioche bun. Served with your choice of fries or tots

Grilled Pork Belly Burger
Pork belly burger with pickles, tobacco onions, Ancho barbeque sauce, and your choice of American or Gouda cheese

Crawfish Roll

Crawfish, avocado, arugula, spring onion, celery, dill, and hot sauce cilantro between a crunchy baguette

Veggie Burger
6oz Beyond Burger™ served with caramelized onions, arugula, tomato, mushrooms, and herb sauce on a vegan bun. Served with your choice of fries or tots

Faux-Pastor tacos*

Three tacos with marinated hominy, pineapple chutney, micro cilantro, and salsa cruda 

beef carnitas tacos*

Three authentic raw masa tortillas filled with beef carnitas, pickles jalapeños, sweet and spicy Guajillo salsa, onions, micro cilantro, and lime 

*does not include a side. sides will be an add-on price for these items​

Then choose your sides:

sweet potato waffle fries

waffle fries 

Tater tots

-add ons-

Extra sides

gallon of tea

gallon of lemonade

gallon of coffee


These prices are starting rates for breakfast and lunch and are subject to change based on the number of people, the location, and the date of the event. 

feeds 10-15

starting rates:

$75 (breakfast)

$170 (lunch)

feeds 20-30

starting rates:

$155 (breakfast)

$340 (lunch)

feeds 40+

starting rates:

$300 (breakfast)

$600 (lunch)

*will need approximately two weeks notice for orders over 40

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